After the world fell into a zombie apocalypse, and everyone you knew perished, you spent a long time as a lone wolf barely hanging on to your humanity. And now, you have found a group of survivors determined to carry on and give hope to a future...

But the Dead R Hungry...

And they are coming...

Can you keep your friends alive?

New Hotkeys Added for PC Version Only!

tab = switch to 22 rifle 

1-6 = switch weapons

r = reload weapon

7-0,-,= = switch throwable

 t = Toss throwable

b = select or repair sandbags

 f = toggle fullscreen


Download 76 MB

Also available on

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I really like the 2D style of it, while also feeling a bit like a zoomed out Doom TD, just with zombies. I would say you could make the gunshots a little quieter in comparison to the zombies, it is a bit overwhelming to just hear loud sounds for that long. Overall, very good game, have to say it is well made, I like the detailed, yet low res look of everything, good job!

Thanks for playing!  And I'll work on turning down the volume of the gun shots a bit.  :)